Yoo hoo

Yoo Hoo, hi everyone.

Yes I'm still here, only just, had one of those really odd months, where everything is out of sorts, after having the cellar flooding and other glitches,I have not even managed to do any crafting whatsoever.
I'm trying to get myself back upto date after having to shoot off to the UK for family things, thought it would not take me too long, and then hubby finds out today he has to go into hospital Monday for about a week, so he's a little worried. And then he will be out of action for a few weeks.
I'm sure I can find him some cutting or something he could help out with though, hehehe


margaret said…
Im sending you big hugs Claire. I know how hectic it can be when you have family things going on. Hope your Hubby is ok when goes into hospital.xxx
ju said…
Hope thing s are going ok for you all Claire hugs x

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